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Welcome To Our Newly Designed Guide

The below steps highlight how you can order products using our new practical tools.
We will continuously update our model to keep you better informed of all formalities required to complete your purchase.
Please be advised that only users with a valid diplomatic card can complete an order.

Search Our Catalogue

To begin, select Online Shop to browse our catalogue. Users can search the catalogue without registration.

Select Products

Click on items to view products' description. The minimum order of cigarettes and alcohol is CZK 3 000.


After selecting desired products, proceed to View Cart. Users can update their carts or click on Checkout to proceed.

Register or Login

New customers must register with their Diplomatic ID. Returning customers must login using their Diplomatic ID to finalise the order.

Receive Your Invoice

Upon order completion, customers should fill out 2 copies of customs declaration forms that also require the embassy's stamp/confirmation.
Please note that payments must be made upon delivery. New customers must sign a delegation for customs representation and provide Lad lnternational with a copy of their diplomatic idendity card (both sides).